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Publications and Technical Reports
in Year 1995

S. Bakhtari, B. Bartsch-Spörl, W. Oertel, and U. Eltz.
DOM: Domain Ontology Modelling for Architectural Engineering Design.
FABEL Report 33, GMD, Sankt Augustin, 1995.

S. Bakhtari and W. Oertel.
DOM: An Active Assistance System for Architectural and Engineering Design.
In Milton Tan and Robert Teh, editors, The Global Design Studio - proceedings of the 6th international conference on computer-aided architectural design futures (CAAD Futures '95), pages 153-162, Sinapore, 1995. Centre for Advanced Studies in Architecture, National University of Singapore.

S. Bakhtari and W. Oertel.
DOM-ArC: An Active Decision Support System for Quality Assessment of Cases.
In M. Veloso and A. Aamodt, editors, Case-Based Reasoning Research and Development, Proceedings of the First International Conference, ICCBR-95, pages 381-390, Sesimbra, Portugal, 1995. Springer Verlag Berlin.

S. Bakhtari and Wolfgang Oertel.
Quality Assessment of Design Cases within the DOM Environment.
In B. Bartsch-Spörl, D. Janetzko, and S. Wess, editors, Proceedings of the 3rd German CBR Workshop, pages 106-113, Kaiserslautern, 1995. University of Kaiserslautern.

B. Bartsch-Spörl, S. Bakhtari, and W. Oertel.
Assessment Supported by a Domain Ontology (DOM).
FABEL Report 35, GMD, Sankt Augustin, 1995.

Sven-Erik Bornscheuer and Steffen Hölldobler.
Deduktives Planen.
Wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift der TU Dresden, 44(6):39-44, 1995.

Kerstin Eder, Steffen Hölldobler, and Michael Thielscher.
A Resource-Oriented Deductive Approach towards Hierarchical Planning.
In Working Notes of the IJCAI Workshop on Nonmonotonic Reasoning, Action, and Change, pages 39-53, 1995.

Kerstin Eder, Steffen Hölldobler, and Michael Thielscher.
A Resource-Oriented Deductive Approach towards Hierarchical Planning.
In A. Krall, editor, Proceedings 11. Workshop Logische Programmierung, GMD-Studien, volume 270, pages 237-246, 1995.

Steffen Hölldobler and Michael Thielscher.
Computing Change and Specificity with Equational Logic Programs.
Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence, 14:99-133, 1995.

Steffen Hölldobler and Michael Thielscher.
Objects, Specificity, Logic, and Change.
In L. Dreschler-Fischer and S. Pribbenow, editors, KI-95 Activities: Workshops, Posters, Demos, Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V., pages 37-42, Bonn, 1995.

Uwe Petersohn.
Taschenbuch der Informatik, chapter 12 Künstliche Intelligenz, pages 648-699.
Fachbuchverlag Leipzig, 1995.

Schmidt-Belz, B., W. Gräther, Gros E., J. Walther, W. Oertel, and L. Hovestadt.
FABEL-IDEA 2, Intelligente Designunterstützung für Architekten, Version 2: Fallretrieval.
FABEL Report 30, GMD, Sankt Augustin, 1995.